Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Format of GATE (AG) based on latest pattern.

The paper contains 65 questions carrying 100 marks, in which General aptitude questions are of 15 marks, 15 marks for 10 questions of mathematics. Rest 45 questions are from agricultural engg.(Farm machinery + Soil & Water + Irrigation & Drainage + Post Harvest process & Food.


1) Five questions carrying one mark each
  •  One question based on simple mathematical logic (Venn diagram etc)
  •  Two questions to choose the most appropriate word from the options given to complete the sentences.
  •   One question to choose the word closet/opposite in meaning to given word
  •   One question to choose a pair of word which expresses the relation in the given pair.
 2) Last five questions are of 2 marks each, in which one question is to choose appropriate conclusion from a given paragraph and rest are based on mathematics.

1)      Five questions carrying 1 mark each.
2)      Five questions carrying 2 marks each.


  1. Twenty questions of 1 mark each.
  2. Twenty five questions each carrying 2 marks, which includes two pairs of common data question and two pairs of linked answer questions.
  3. Approximately equal weightage are given to questions from three sections namely farm m/c, post harvest and soil & water + irrigation & drainage.    


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