Agricultural Engineering.

Agricultural engineering is the branch of engineering that applies knowledge of biological science engineering science & technology to agricultural production and processing. Agricultural engineering combines the disciplines of mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical engineering with animal and plant biology. Basically there are four major specializations in agricultural engineering namely, farm machinery & power engineering, irrigation & drainage engineering soil & water Conservation engineering, post harvest process & food engineering. Each has its unique and wide scope for research work. Agricultural engineering has been accepted as one of the major disciplines which contribute significantly in increasing the productivity of agriculture in the country by way of increasing efficiency of inputs, conservation of resources and reducing post harvest losses besides value addition of agro-produce.

Farm Machinery & Power Engineering
This specialization includes technology for appropriate mechanization, covered cultivation, reducing drudgery in farm operations, improving quality of farm produce and reducing cost of production, manufacturing technology, quality and standardization, animate and mechanical power sources, bio-fuels, renewable energy, energy application and conservation, energy efficient appliances and equipment, testing and evaluation, machinery management, safety and health hazards and man-machine-power interaction.

Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

This specialization deals with technology for water resources development, water lifting, conveyance and utilization, conservation, controlled precision application of water through drip and micro-sprinkler, prevention of accumulation of excess water, flood control, reclamation of water logged soil using surface and sub-surface drainage.

Soil & Water Conservation Engineering

This specialization deals with technology for land development, hydrology of natural precipitation, watershed development, accumulation and conservation of water, prevention of soil erosion from water and wind.

Post Harvest and Process Engineering

It is also known as Food process engineering at various institutions. This specialization includes technology for post harvest, primary processing and value addition of food, feed, fiber and industrial crops, fermentation technology, controlled atmospheric packaging and low temperature storage.

In addition to these, specializations are also offered in Aquacultural Engineering, Dairy and Food Engineering, Post Harvest Engineering, Agricultural Systems Management, ect.

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